Thermoplastic accessories: the best from our catalogue

31 Aug, 2023 | New Products

Every product 2m-Italia offers reflects our commitment to quality, design, versatility and sustainability.
Our catalogue presents an exclusive selection of thermoplastic accessories, designed to offer exceptional performance and uncompromising durability.
Quality materials:
Central to our selection of thermoplastic accessories is the quality of the materials used. We are proud to offer only products made from the best thermoplastics on the market.
Every product in our catalogue has been carefully tested to ensure superior performance and durability.

Design and Functionality

Every thermoplastic accessory in our catalogue has been designed with our customers’ needs in mind.
Our accessories have been specially designed for ease of installation and use, reducing assembly time and improving the overall efficiency of operations.


We recognize that our customers’ needs may differ, so we have developed a wide range of thermoplastic accessories to suit a variety of applications.
From military to marine, from medical to juvenile, from sport to workwear, you will find tailor-made solutions for every sector.


Our concern for the environment guides our production philosophy.
We constantly strive to improve the sustainability of our production processes and the materials we use, thus reducing our environmental impact.
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