Environmental sustainability has become a top priority in the modern era, where economic growth and technological development have pushed the demand for natural resources to unprecedented levels. However, to ensure a sustainable future for our planet, it is essential to adopt practices that promote the preservation of the planet, in order to make it sustainable for future generations

Sustainable use of resources

The correct exploitation of natural resources is essential to preserve the ecological balance of our planet. We must move from a consumption model based on the unlimited extraction of non-renewable resources, to one focused on their responsible and sustainable use.

A fundamental part of this process is the promotion of energy efficiency through increasingly efficient technologies and processes

Environmental Sustainability: Recycling and waste management

Environmental sustainability requires a collective commitment for the correct exploitation of resources: recycling and optimal waste management.

It is essential to promote practices that reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to encourage responsible consumption.


Only through concerted action at the individual, corporate and governmental levels can we ensure a sustainable future for upcoming generations


Investing in environmental sustainability not only preserves our planet, but also brings long-term economic and social benefits. It’s time to act sustainably and build a better future for all.


Promoting a culture of recycling is essential to reduce the amount of waste present in our planet. The correct classification of waste, the separate collection and recycling of materials are crucial steps towards the creation of a circular economy, in which waste becomes precious resources.

2M-Italia: Sustainable Innovation
with ECONABLE and Recycled Materials

2m-Italia firmly believes in these concepts and is adopting the behaviors necessary for the company to be defined as sustainable.

Today, during production process, we are in fact able to recycle our production waste, thanks to the reuse of 20% of our sprues together with virgin material.

Furthermore, with our new ECONABLE material, we also have the possibility of using 100% recycled material, both Nylon (PA 6) and Acetal (POM), only in colour black.

Through a re-manufacturing process we can offer a zero-waste production, recycling 100% of our production leftovers.

Although this process can lead to lower quality levels, 2M-Italia has successfully implemented an advanced system for the recovery and regeneration of its production waste while maintaining the same high quality standards compared to virgin material; creating high quality products and at the same time ensuring respect for environmental resources.

Exclusive use of FSC certified boxes

2M-Italia’s sustainable commitment

2M-Italia undertakes to use only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified boxes to pack its products. FSC certification ensures that the wood used in the production of the boxes comes from sustainably managed forests, respecting high environmental, social and economic standards.

Our choice to use only FSC certified boxes reflects our commitment to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

Environmental Sustainability and Advanced Technologies:

energy efficiency
by 2M-Italia

The relationship between environmental sustainability and the use of latest generation machinery is a fundamental element in promoting a responsible and environmentally friendly industry.

2M-Italia is committed on combining these two aspects in a synergistic way, adopting cutting-edge machinery to maximize production efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Our company constantly invests in research and development of sustainable technologies, in order to guarantee a production process that is aligned with the principles of sustainability. The usage of cutting-edge machinery allows us to optimize the exploitation of resources, reduce waste and promote the circular economy.