Spring cordlocks: uses and functions

19 Dec, 2023 | New Products

A spring cordloc is a device used to securely block, fasten, or tighten, a cord or rope. There are two main types of springs used in this device: metal springs and plastic springs. Both play a fundamental role, but they have distinctive features that make them suitable for different contexts.

Metal springs

Metal springs, typically made of stainless steel, are known for their strength and durability.

These springs provide greater ability to withstand tension and heavy loads. In spring cordlocks, metal springs contribute to ensure a firm and secure grip, even in adverse environmental conditions such as marine environments.

Plastic springs

Plastic springs are valued for their lightweight and flexibility, as well as their resistance to corrosion and electrical insulation. These springs are preferred in contexts where the use of metal springs is impractical or not possible.


Here are some of the main uses and functions of spring cordlocks

  • Clothing: spring cordlocs are frequently used in clothing items such as coats, jackets, or pants, to adjust the width of elastic cords or drawstrings. This allows individuals to customize the garment according to their needs and keep it securely fastened.
  • Sporting Equipment: in the sports world, spring cordlocs are commonly used to tighten shoelaces or secure backpacks. They are easy to use and ensure that items remain securely fastened during physical activities.
  • Safety: in security field, especially in professional workwear, the spring cordlock is a fundamental component in ensuring a safe working environment. This device provides a practical and reliable solution for adjusting uniforms and protective clothing or securing specific safety gear. These functionalities, combined with the selection of the most suitable spring material, play a crucial role in preventing potential risks in the workplace.
  • Industry: spring cordlocs find application in various industrial contexts. They can be used to secure loads on vehicles, tighten material covers, or fasten safety nets. Their strength and ease of use make them a practical choice in these situations.

In summary, spring cordlocks are versatile devices that play an essential role in various situations, from fashion to industry. Their user-friendly design, strength, and ability to adjust tension make them a practical and reliable accessory for a wide range of applications.

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