Thanks to a rapid scheduling system and a Just-in-Time warehouse management, Due Emme can provide personalized assistance to each customer, being also able to rapidly make changes in the productive strategies.


The field of thermoplastic components requires high speed in action and response to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market. For this reason, Due Emme’s orders are managed through a real time advanced computerized system that permits to control production progress and to rapidly intervene by changing the productive strategies.

The warehouse is managed using the Just-in-Time methodology, which guarantees a more efficient work planning, lead time reduction and, as a consequence, a substantial improvement of customer service. This allows the management of standard orders, of which a high percentage can be shipped within 48 hours.


Another management tool is the FIFO (First In First Out) which allows to avoid the obsolescence of raw materials and reduces the costs fluctuation, with the result of maintaining high the standards of production and quality.

To ensure punctuality and speed of delivery, it is of main importance a continuous communication between the warehouse and the production labs. That’s why Due Emme is committed every day in promoting direct relations between the various internal teams, from the design of thermoplastic components to the logistics for delivery.


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