Rubber loop for PST/45mm belts

11 Oct, 2022 | New Products

Looking for rubber belt loops?
2m-Italy has a large stock of all types of plastic accessories to meet the requirements of all users.
Plastic products of all types can be easily and quickly sourced from the portal.
The service offered by 2m-Italia includes the manufacture of rubber belt loops mainly for the B2B market.
Now in our assorment you can find also a new loop in rubber for 45mm webbings.
2m-Italy stocks various plastic articles made of various materials (polyester, acetal, nylon, polypropylene).
It also guarantees technical support to the customer, evaluates and recommends the type of component, in a logic of economic ethics, finding the most suitable solution for each customer.
The rubber loops offered by Due Emme are developed for Safety industry, to be able to hold several webbings and help its regulation.
In the last two years, health and safety at work has been the focus of unprecedented attention. Therefore, the demand for accessories for the safety of facilities and workers has also increased on the part of companies.

Other types of rubber belt loops

Among the wide range of belt loops in the Due Emme catalogue are:
  • Open loops, with clips, easily applied to the belt.
  • Stitchable loops, mainly dedicated to the medical sector.


The use of plastic as a material began to spread in the 1950s and it was not long before it was preferred to metal due to its characteristics.
Compared to metal, plastic is lighter and cheaper, possible in a variety of colours and more resistant to washing, so it is an excellent variant for the production of buckles and snap hooks.
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