ROC quick release system: beware of counterfeits

12 Dec, 2023 | New Products

2m-Italia, involved in the production of quality thermoplastic accessories for over 40 years, would like to inform you about a topic of great importance for our company.

Our ROC quick release system, available in 2 sizes of 40 and 80 mm, is a crucial component in the field of accessories for the military sector worldwide and is a product that we have developed and patented for some time.

Unfortunately, we have encountered counterfeit products that try to imitate our ROC item.

Here are some examples of counterfeit items

These are, obviously, unauthorized imitations which not only infringe our intellectual property rights, but also represent a risk to the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

It is important to underline that these counterfeit copies often do not meet the quality standards that we are committed to with our original product; they may present functional defects and compromise performance, putting your user experience at risk.

As DUE EMME we are constantly committed in maintaining the quality of our products and therefore invite our customers to pay attention, be wary of any imitation and to purchase exclusively original 2M products.

We are taking all necessary measures to combat the spread of unauthorized copies of our ROC article, thus ensuring your safety and the protection of our patents.

We would like to point out anyway that several of our items have been patented and therefore we ALWAYS invite you to be wary of imitations, to avoid running into technical and legal problems.