ROC new quick release system for military vests

16 Sep, 2020 | New Products

2m-italia was able to meet the needs of the military market with a new, innovative and easy-to-use item. Following an intense study, we have developed a quick release system for military vests, which can guarantee a firm hold, but also the possibility of an immediate opening in case of need.

The innovation is significant, acting as an alternative to the current quick release systems which are made up of complex cable assemblies that are very difficult to hang up or other obsolete and impractical solutions.

Furthermore, the technical material of which the ROC system is made guarantees a minimum influence on the total weight of the jacket, making it more manageable and practical. The new 2M quick release system is available in various IR colors and has passed all industry specific tests, making it the system most appreciated by military professionals.

The release in case of need can be carried out with one hand and also the re-hooking is extremely simple that it takes only a few seconds.

The ROC is available in 2 sizes:

40 mm for shoulder closures
80 mm for the side closures on the sides

For a more comprehensive explanation of use, we recommend watching the video below.