ROC/BC Interchangeable version

11 May, 2023 | New Products

After big request we are glad to introduce the new Interchangeable version of our ROC, that with its cutted bars, allows a faster application / substitution.

What is the ROC?

The ROC (Rapid Open Connector) system is a type of quick release attachment commonly used in the military and sport sectors. This system allows equipment such as backpacks, ballistic vests, tactical gears and more to be quickly attached and released without having to waste time with complicated fastenings or fixings.


The ROC system consists of 4 main parts:

  • 2 upper parts, different from right and left, which if pulled allow the release,
  • 2 lower identical parts, to be coupled with the upper ones.


The ROC system was developed to increase the speed and safety of military operations, allowing soldiers to move faster and act with greater agility.

However, the ROC system has also become popular in sports, where it is used to quickly release equipment such as backpacks, during activities.

One of the main advantages of the ROC system is its speed of release, which allows equipment to be quickly freed in an emergency or dangerous situation. In addition, the ROC system reduces the risk of accidents, increasing the safety of operations.


ROC/BC types

The ROC system is available in different variants, depending on the specific needs of the user.

Today available 2 versions, Standard one and BC ‘with slot’.

New ROC/BC (in our catalogue) is available in both sizes:

  • 40 mm
  • 80 mm



Several colors on stock:

  • Black
  • Nato green 36ME
  • Olive green 36OG
  • Tan 47TN
  • Coyote brown 47BR


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