To continue to be a pioneer in the field of thermoplastic components, the thermoplastic injection molding process is constantly updated, as Due Emme is regularly investing in new machineries and technologies, continuing to be a cutting edge firm.

Furthermore, the use of a production automated process allows to minimize the possibility of error and ensures a high and constant quality level of the finished product.

At the beginning of the production process, the raw material is aspired into a dehumidification system, which guarantees optimal drying for molding. Subsequently, through a system of pneumatic transport the thermoplastic material is brought to the correct machine, on which a group of volumetric coloring is installed, in order to color it in an homogeneous and continuous way.

One of the most complex process in the production process is the tool exchange, since the molds consist of huge and heavy steel blocks and they require plenty of time and attention to be moved. For this reason Due Emme has a bridge crane that allows to automate this procedure, making it quicker and less difficult.

The choice of the right machinery to use, finally, is to be made considering the tonnage, that refers to the molding closing force and to the size of the thermoplastic item.


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