Plastic straps buckles

28 Dec, 2022 | News

Due Emme leader in the production of thermoplastic accessories, including a wide range of plastic strap buckles with ultimate design, result of years of development.

Side release bucklessafety buckles, swivel buckles, anti choking buckles these are some of the plastic straps buckles which you can find in the catalogue.

Plastic strap buckles: types and uses

There are several types of plastic strap buckles in our catalogue:

  • 795 is our most used-full plastic strap buckles, it’s very strong and makes the closure secure.
  • CR the evolution of 795, it’s a plastic strap buckle with a innovative and practical design.

2M has a premium range plastic strap buckles, and they can be even personalized with logo on request.

Most of our plastic strap buckles are available in stock in black and military color on request.

2M is always on research of new models and mechanism to propose on the market

Check our latest development, such as:

  • CRP/DR, available in 20 and 25mm, made to complete our already exhisting range of CRP plastic strap buckles. Perfect for military and marine sectors, due to very high tensile results.
  • FDR/20mm, completing the orginal line of 2M Dual Release plastic strap buckles, already exhisting in sizes, 25, 40, 50mm.

New developments are always work in progress with new models coming out in the next months.

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