Masslock: the new tactical carabiner for the military sector

5 Jun, 2024 | New Products, News

In military sector, the efficiency and practicality of the tools used can make a difference in critical situations.

MASSLOCK, the new tactical carabiner, represents an innovative solution designed to meet the needs of those who operate in complex operational contexts. Made of POM and measuring 25 mm, MASSLOCK is designed to be easily attached to backpacks or bulletproof vests, offering unparalleled versatility for attaching helmets, gloves and other essential accessories.

High quality material: POM

MASSLOCK is made of POM (acetal), a material known for its excellent mechanical properties and its resistance to chemical agents, as well as its low water absorption grade, perfect for outdoor environments. POM guarantees high strength and long life over time, keeping the carabiner light and easy to handle. This choice of material ensures that 2M MASSLOCK can withstand extreme conditions, typical of military operations, without compromising its functionality.

Design and dimensions

With a compact size of 25 mm, MASSLOCK is designed to integrate perfectly with standard military equipment. Its small size allows a practical and immediate use, allowing accessories to be quickly attached without hindering the operator’s movements. This makes it ideal for those who need a carabiner that is not only reliable, but also offers rapid accessibility to tools.

Versatility of use

One of the most appreciated aspects of the MASSLOCK is its versatility. It can be easily attached to the Molle System and other points of equipment, such as tactical backpacks and bulletproof vests, making it an indispensable accessory for the safe transport of helmets, gloves and other equipment. This flexibility of use makes it a valuable ally in many operational situations, ensuring that the operator always has the necessary tools at hand.

Availability in the main military colors

In military field, the ability to blend in with the environment is of primary importance, it is therefore essential that the color of the equipment reflects that of the surrounding environment. MASSLOCK is available from stock in the main military IR colours, such as OLIVE GREEN, NATO GREEN, COYOTE BROWN and TAN. This availability allows operators to choose the carabiner that best suits their equipment, ensuring there is no compromise in terms of safety and camouflage.

Why choose MASSLOCK?

  1. Robustness and reliability: thanks to POM material, MASSLOCK offers superior resistance to impacts and the elements.
  2. Compactness: a size of 25 mm ensures that the carabiner is easy to use without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.
  3. Versatility: suitable to attach a variety of accessories, it is a key component for those who need organization and quick access to tools.
  4. Immediate availability: with all main military IR colours available from stock, MASSLOCK is ready to be integrated into any equipment set.


The combination of high quality materials, optimal size and availability in strategic colours makes it an excellent choice for operators who require reliability and practicality.

Thanks to its versatility and robustness,  MASSLOCK is not just an accessory, but a fundamental element that contributes to improving operational efficiency in critical situations.