Marine whistle

14 Dec, 2022 | News

Due Emme have always worked with customers in the marine sector and following the demand have developed a marine whistle adaptable to various models of lifejackets.

Our Marine whistle is the ONLY ONE certified EN ISO 12402/8-2020 and is available in stock in orange color.

It is a lightweight marine whistle which will float in sea water, as it is manufactured in Polypropylene, which has floating properties.

Marine whistle: features

This whistle is a personal protection accessory and it’s easy to use with its handy clip or with laces.

Our marine safety whistle

  • have not moving parts or balls that can corrode
  • it is bi tonal and makes a sound that will grab the attention of anyone nearby.

To complete our marine range, we can also offer ISO 12402 certified buckles, such as our super heavy HB/40 and SHB/40 mm buckles and the more standard range of CRP plastic buckles It’s available in:

  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 40 mm.

Water-safe buckles and marine whistles are designed, indeed, to be effective, even after complete immersion.


Our marine whistles are

  • manufactured using the right materials
  • rust free
  • reliable and extremely durable making them the perfect choice for yr lifejacket.

We have designed and produced a range of navy and marine whistles which are perfectly suited to these demanding aquatic environments, and provide you with a reliable and consistent loud whistle call.

Due Emme’s Marine whistle really attract attention in emergencies because is reliable and extremely durable.

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