How to choose the right buckles for belts

29 Sep, 2023 | News

Choosing the right buckle for a belt requires careful consideration of various factors.

  • Belt size: You should check the thickness and width of the belt, which can be 40 or 50 mm.
  • With or without regulation: buckles with regulation, like our FDR, offer the possibility to precisely adjust the length of the belt, while buckles without regulation are simpler and fixed.

Types of buckles

In our catalogue you can check our different types of belt buckles, also mentioned below.

  • Safety buckle with a central button, like our FPS, allows you to open the buckle only with two hands, as it has 3 closure points, making it safe and reliable.
  • Cam buckle, like our BELT CAM, offers extra security, preventing the belt from accidentally slipping out of the buckle.
  • Side release buckle, like our 795, with a quick-release closure necessary in certain situations, such as in sports and military activities.

Although the list is comprehensive, the criteria for choosing belt buckles do not end here. Other factors must also be considered when choosing one type of buckle over another.

  • Colour: colors issue is an important aspect to consider in buckle selection. Black is certainly a classic and versatile choice, but if you have specific needs, you can consider infrared colors. This type of color can be ideal for special purposes, such as workwear or military.
  • Sections: It is necessary to determine the specific sector in which the buckle will be used, which could include areas like military, sports, or security. This helps determine the specific characteristics required for that type of context.
  • Material selection: Another fundamental aspect is the choice of the right material. Depending on your requirements for strength and thermal tolerance, you can prefer acetal, nylon, or flame-retardant nylon.

You can find all the products mentioned in this article in our catalogue, which you can easily download.


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