High-quality thermoplastic accessories for military: features and benefits offered from 2m-Italy

12 Jun, 2023 | New Products

In the military sector, the effectiveness of equipment and accessories is vital to ensure the safety and success of operations.

2m-Italia company has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality thermoplastic accessories for the specific needs of the military sector, being specified as main supplier for most of European military tenders.

With a wide range of products designed to meet the most demanding requirements, the company is committed to offer advanced functionality and many benefits to the armed forces.

In this article, we will explore the main features and benefits of 2m-Italy’s thermoplastic products in the military context.

Strength and durability

2m-Italia’s thermoplastic accessories are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and harsh operating environments typical of the military sector.

The high-quality thermoplastic materials used, such as Polyammide and POM, guarantee superior resistance to impact, abrasion and mechanical stress. These accessories retain their properties even in extreme temperatures, offering exceptional durability even in the most adverse conditions.

Lightness and flexibility

One of the distinctive advantages of thermoplastic fittings from 2m-Italy is their lightness. Compared to traditional materials such as metal, thermoplastic products offer excellent structural strength at a significantly lower weight.

This allows the military to reduce the load they have to carry, improving mobility and maneuverability on the battlefield. The flexibility of thermoplastics also provides greater adaptability to objects or surfaces, allowing for a better fit and faster installation of accessories.

Modularity and customization

2m-Italy understands that the needs of armed forces can vary greatly depending on the operational environment and mission.

Therefore, their thermoplastic accessories offer a wide range of modular and customizable options. Whether holsters, body amours or tactical vests, 2m-Italia works closely with customers to meet their specific needs. This flexibility allows military personnel to quickly adapt their accessories to operational situations, improving the effectiveness and safety of operations.

Resistance to chemicals and corrosion

Chemical agents and corrosion can pose a significant threat to the integrity and functionality of military accessories.

However, 2m-Italy’s thermoplastic products are designed to withstand a wide range of aggressive chemicals and to avoid corrosion. This makes them particularly suitable for missions where handling or exposure to chemicals or corrosive environments is required.

Infra Red Colors

In military context it is necessary to use accessories produced in specific Infra Red colors. 2M-Italia is able to supply in a wide range of IR colors, such as NATO green, Tan, Coyote.

This important technology make the accessories invisible to Infra Red viewers, allowing the military to blend in and be able to carry out their missions safely.


To conclude: 2m-Italy has earned a solid reputation in the military sector for supplying high-quality thermoplastic accessories.

Our product range offers advanced functionality and numerous benefits, including strength, light weight, modularity, resistance to chemicals and corrosion, and I.R. colors.

These accessories help improve the effectiveness, safety and operational performance of the armed forces.

2m-Italy is committed in working closely with customers to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each mission.


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