Helmet Accessories

11 Mar, 2022 | New Products

Side release buckles, sliders and dividers are the main accessories for helmet kit.

What everyone expects form helmets accessories are durability and safety, but there is another aspect that is underestimated, but is equally importantly:

they must be easy to open.


For example, in the snow, if a person is skiing and wants to quickly remove their helmet, they will struggle if they are wearing gloves.

In these cases, our newest side release buckles EB are extremely useful.


These products have side ears on female part, that make it easy also with gloves.

2M components for helmets comprehends buckles, divider and loop, specially developed for this particular area of application. We are talking about the below models:

  • CR/16 helmet

Special low tension helmet buckle, used to guarantee a higher safeness. Is possible to produce male and female in different colors, Tested according to standard ISO 397.

Size: 16 mm

Material: POM

  • Esalock

Helmet buckle. Is possible to produce male and female in different colors.

Size: 16 mm

Material: POM – PA 6.6

  • Divider

3 exits helmet divider, allows to join 2 webbings together and use them to support a buckle.

Size: 18 mm

Material: PA 6 – GTR

  • PSN 16/18

Small loop used to fix the webbing on helmets.

Size: 16/18 mm

Material: GTR

Helmet accessories are among the goods present in the wide 2M catalog.

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