FDR/20mm – Side Release Buckle

31 Jan, 2023 | New Products

Looking for side release buckles?

2m-Italy has a large stock of all types of side release buckles to meet the demands of all users.
Plastic products of all types can be easily and quickly sourced from the portal.
The service offered by 2m-Italia includes the manufacture of side release buckles mainly for the B2B market.
We have decided to expand the range of our double-adjustment buckles.
2m-Italia has several plastic items made of various materials (polyester, acetal, nylon, polypropylene).
It also provides technical support to the customer, evaluates and recommends the type of component, in a logic of economic ethics, finding the most suitable solution for each customer.


From today we also have the newest size of 20mm, which completes our range of FDR buckles, already present in the catalog in the below sizes:
  • 25mm
  • 40mm
  • 50mm


2m-Italia’s side-release buckles are made of nylon material, a material that is particularly suitable for application on backpacks or bags.
The strength of the material and of the product in general means that 2m-Italia buckles can be used in a wide variety of sectors: from outdoor to military, from sport to childhood or safety.
We remain at your disposal to provide more information, or to send dedicated samples, please contact us by clicking on the button below.