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In the military sector, the effectiveness of equipment and accessories is vital to ensure the safety and success of operations.

2m-Italia company has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality thermoplastic accessories for the specific needs of the military sector, being specified as main supplier for most of European military tenders.

With a wide range of products designed to meet the most demanding requirements, the company is committed to offer advanced functionality and many benefits to the armed forces.

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Benefits of 2m military accessories

2m-Italy’s thermoplastic accessories are designed to improve the effectiveness, safety and operational performance of the armed forces.
All of our accessories are:



Designed to withstand the most extreme challenges, these items maintain their integrity even in adverse environmental conditions and high-stress situations. The resilience of these products is a guarantee of reliability, critical for operations that require maximum strength and durability.



Every detail of the products is carefully evaluated to ensure high standards of quality and safety, which is essential to use the accessories with complete peace of mind and protection.



Compared with traditional materials such as metal, the
thermoplastic products weigh significantly less. Reducing weight improves efficiency without compromising strength, enabling professionals to work with more agility and less physical exertion.



Thermoplastic materials provide greater resilience to the delicate situations in which our accessories must be used. We are also able to offer the most suitable materials depending on the conditions and climate.


2m-Italy has developed a wide range of I.R. colors to allow customers to match accessories to the army’s chosen camouflage.

You can choos between:

  • Nato green 36ME
  • Olive green 36OG
  • Coyote brown 47BR
  • Coyote 4719
  • Tan 47TN
  • Sabbia beige 47ME
  • Green 36SA
Come scegliere fibbie per cinturoni più adatte

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