122/03, new cord end

16 Jun, 2023 | New Products

In thermoplastic accessories world, 2m-Italia stands out for its constant search for innovation and unique design.

One of our latest products is the 122/03 cord end, characterized by its rounded shape and specifically designed for cords with a diameter of 3mm.

Composition and use

122/03 cord end from 2m-Italia is distinguished by its elegant, rounded design.

Consisting of 2 pieces, bell and cap, it is intended to be used for trimming, to hide the knot or to increase grip when adjusting.

The curved shape of the cordend do not only provide a nice aesthetical appearance, but also offers additional functionality.

This shape allows a better grip on the lanyard, reducing the risk of slipping or fraying. It also prevents the cordend from snagging or catching on other objects or fabrics, making it safe and practical to use.

After inserting the lanyard into the bell, the lanyard must be knotted and then the cap closed.

High-quality materials

2m-Italy is known for its attention to the quality of the materials used in its products. 122/03 cord end is no exception.

Made of nylon, this cord end offers superior strength and durability. It is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring a long service life without compromising its performance. The materials used also comply with the latest safety and environmental regulations, meeting the highest quality standards.

Ease of use

122/03  cord end is designed to be extremely easy to use. Its rounded shape allows the lanyard to be easily threaded into the cord end, reducing assembly time. In addition, the lanyard can be firmly attached to it with a simple closing movement. This ease of use makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as military, sports and fashion.

Made in Italy: guarantee of quality

As an Italian company, 2m-Italia is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for its products.

122/03 cord end is entirely made in Italy, following strict production and quality control processes. This ensures that each item meets the standards of excellence for which Italian craftsmanship is renowned worldwide. The ‘Made in Italy‘ label is synonymous with quality, innovative design and attention to detail.

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